Another reason why Queen was/is awesome

As if you really needed more, right?, since Queen is pretty much one of the most kick-ass bands of all time. Yet, from Letters of Note (follow it, you’ll thank me later), come to find out that Freddy Mercury was the type of gentleman who actually wrote thank-you letters:

In 1973, just as Queen finished recording their second album, 27-year-old Freddie Mercury, ever the gentleman, politely wrote the following letter of thanks to Jac Holzman, founder of their U.S. label, Elektra Records; Holzman had fought hard to bring the band to his label in 1971, and his faith in them hadn’t gone unnoticed by Mercury. With their debut album having recently peaked at No.83 in the U.S. charts the American response to Queen had so far been fairly positive, however nothing could have prepared them for the immense adulation that would greet them a few years down the road.

You can read the letter over there too.


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