Morning Constitutional – Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Good morning, folks. Conan’s going to tell us the name of his new show today. Now, your morning constitutional:

Vice President Joe Biden and Defense Secretary Robert Gates presided over a ceremony this morning to mark the transition of military operations in Iraq.

President Obama is looking to make progress on the three “big” tasks in the Middle East—Iraq, Iran and Israel—a task that eluded his predecessors.

Inheriting Iraq: Haunting images from the war Obama didn’t want.

Senator Lisa Murkowski has conceded her race for reelection against primary opponent Joe Miller, who narrowly beat her.

Fidel Castro takes responsibility for the persecution of homosexuals after the 1959 revolution.

Former U.K. Prime Minister Tony Blair opens up about his successor Gordon Brown.


CEOs are complaining at the same time as they are recording record profits.

NASA experts go to Chile to assist the rescue of the miners who have been trapped for almost a month so far.

The Obama administration may be considering tax cuts and a new infrastructure program to spur the economy.

Not all tax cuts are created equal.

EPA regulation of greenhouse gases is popular, but not as efficient as cap-and-trade, which is far less popular.

Sugar imports in China may increase 42% as demand surges.

Finally, one-third of parents admit that spending time with their family is boring.


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