Morning Constitutional – Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Good morning, folks. Bristol Palin and David Hasselhoff are going dancing. Now, your morning constitutional:

The war is over.

Reliable security, a functioning moderate West Bank government, and a growing Palestinian economy are encouraging signs as preparations intensify for a Palestinian-Israeli summit at the White House on Thursday.

Mexico fires 3,200 police officers as it invokes new rules to weed out corruption.

Hurricane Earl, now at Category 4 strength after edging Puerto Rico, moves toward the U.S. east coast and could affect the Carolina coast later this week.

As the military deals with more overweight and physically unfit recruits, a new fitness training regime works on agility and balance training.

A report shows that women will bear the burden of 72% of Britain’s budget cuts.

While the new Gallup poll, which gives Republicans a ten-point advantage generically, may be an outlier, it is a troubling sign for Democrats.

Immigration actually improves incomes across the board.

New sanctions against North Korea aim to cut off the flow luxury goods to Kim Jong-il’s cronies.

Is believing in God evolutionarily advantageous?

Meghan McCain breaks silence on Sarah Palin, saying Palin brought “drama, stress, complications, panic and loads of uncertainty” to the McCain campaign.

As he tries to win the center running as an independent against both a Republican and a Democrat, Charlie Crist’s performing some political gymnastics.

The owner of the L.A. Dodgers gives away four free tickets to every officer in the LAPD.

Finally. heavy drinkers outlive teetotalers?


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