Morning Constitutional – Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Good morning, folks. Marilyn Manson and Evan Rachel Wood have called off their engagement. Now, your morning constitutional:

Former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich was found guilty of one charge, making false statements to the FBI, but the jury was hung on the other 23 charges facing Blagojevich.

Despite the fact that congress rushed to get aid to states to prevent them from having to fire teachers, many large school districts are holding off rehiring and saving the money to offset future budget deficits.

President Obama’s incredible winning streak. How Democrats are having trouble celebrating their historic achievements. One theory on why the popularity of the “legislative president” has faded.

The U.S. will support a U.N. commission of inquiry into war crimes in Burma.

The Web is dead. Long live the Internet. How the evolution of the Internet follows the course of capitalism.

Former associate director of monetary affairs at the Federal Reserve Joseph Gagnon on what the Federal Reserve could do if it decides to actually intervene more to boost the economy.

The radio show of Dr. Laura Schlessinger is coming to an end.

Robert Reich: Why economic growth, not consumerism, is good for the economy.

Should we be concerned if some places are converting paved roads to gravel?

Buick (Buick!) is the fastest-growing car brand in the U.S.

The Post 20th Century Disorder: How we are all damaged 20th-century relics.

While some would complain about government hand-outs t0 renters, Section 8 rental assistance is actually helping the housing market.

A really cool map of the world’s under-sea data cable system.

Lou Gehrig may not, in fact, have had Lou Gehrig’s disease.

Finally, man gets friend to shoot him in bizarre custody case.


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