Morning Constitutional – Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Good morning, everybody. Britney’s going to be on Glee this season. Now, your morning constitutional:

Former Senator Ted Stevens died in a plane crash yesterday in Alaska at the age of 86. It was not his first plane crash—in fact, Alaska has a much higher aviation accident rate than the rest of the country. Why do so many planes crash in Alaska?

The Census was 22% ($1.6B) under budget, and is returning the money to the government.

President Obama signed into law a ban on cell phone use by federal prisoners.

Kentucky Senate candidate Rand Paul is denying allegations that he kidnapped a woman and forced her to smoke marijuana in college.

Rob Simmons is no longer running for the Connecticut Senate seat; but Republican candidate Linda McMahon may still cause headaches for Democrats.

A top-ten West Point cadet resigns over Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.

Despite leading a chorus of Republican governors in rejecting stimulus money last year, South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford has quietly acquiesced and accepted stimulus money.

Workers misspell school (“shcool”) on a road approaching Southern Guilford High School in in North Carolina.

Ten ways to avoid giving your baby a hipster name.

Man arrested for stealing a fire hydrant he thought would look good in his basement bar.

Finally, a monkey has saved a puppy from an explosion in Nanjing.

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