Morning Constitutional – Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Good morning, folks. Levi is running for mayor in a new reality show. For real. Anyways, here’s your morning constitutional:

More than 700 are dead due to a devastating landslide in the remote Zhouqu county, Gansu in northwest China.

The House is back in session today to vote on a teacher and Medicaid package and a border security bill.

Secretary of Defense Robert Gates announced some controversial budget-cutting proposals Monday, including completely getting rid of the U.S. Joint Forces Command. Fred Kaplan calls it a good start, but inadequate.

The Federal Reserve is meeting today to discuss whether the economy is actually getting better or spiraling into deflation.

A push by some high-ranking Republicans to stop giving automatic citizenship to children of illegal immigrants is causing a rift in the party.

A group of U.S. scientists has determined that global warming is responsible for dropping rice yields in many parts of Asia.

Why Haiti can’t afford a rap start president.

Worker productivity dropped this spring, possibly a signal that employers may need to hire in the near future.

Why Obama isn’t the first “imposter” president and won’t be the last.

Why employers shouldn’t be surprised that, even unemployment disastrously high, nobody wants their crummy, low-paying jobs.

These are their stories:” A set of images based on one-line summaries of Law & Order episodes.

Finally, a JetBlue flight attendant, fed up at a rude passenger, activates the emergency chute, grabs a beer from the beverage cart, slides down and drives away.


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