Book Rec

I picked up The Myth of You & Me at the library based solely on the title.  I was not disappointed.  This novel, by Leah Stewart, chronicles the unraveling of a friendship between two women, and more to the point, the intense bond they shared before falling out.  The action takes place when the women are adults and looks back on their teenage years in frequent flashbacks.  The story is told from the perspective of Cameron, and is propelled forward by several unanswered questions about the demise of her friendship with Sonia– a friendship so close the two referred to themselves as “Cameronia” and were inseparable throughout high school and college.

This is my favorite kind of summer book: deftly written with believable, sympathetic characters; a quick read; thought-provoking but not too heavy.

Made-up genre:  This is definitely more substantive than chick lit, but still clearly geared toward the womenfolk.  “Lady lit” maybe.

Selected excerpt: “That was how it was when we were fifteen, when every experience was something we shared.  We even wrote each other into our memories, so that Sonia would make reference to something that had happened two years before and be surprised when I reminded her that I hadn’t been there, I hadn’t even lived in Clovis then.  ‘That’s so crazy,’ she’d say, because it no longer seemed possible that there had been a time when we weren’t friends.”

Good for: a book you can read in just a few sittings, a thoughtful exploration of female friendship.

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