Morning Constitutional – Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Good morning, folks. Spain’s finally getting their own version of The Golden Girls. Now, your morning constitutional:

No matter who wins, whether it be Republican U.S. Representative Mary Fallin or Democratic Lieutenant Governor Jari Askins, Oklahoma is virtually assured of electing its first woman governor in November. Interestingly enough, Oklahoma ranks 49th in percentage of women in their state legislature; South Carolina, which ranks 50th, may also elect its first woman governor (Nikki Haley).

The oil spill in the Gulf seems to be clearing faster than anticipated, but of course, concerns about unseen effects remain.

A study by two leading economists show that that the economic policies of 2008 and 2009 prevented a second  Depression.

All 152 passengers on board a Airblue flight in Pakistan are dead after the plane crashed into the hills north of Islamabad.

Making it to only 57 votes, the DISCLOSE Act, which would have required fuller disclosure of money behind political advertising, fell to a filibuster in the Senate yesterday.

The rhetorical games over taxes is simplistic—time to diversify our terminology.

New study shows that credit cards move money from the poor to the rich.

China’s (government-guided) Global Times: “Panda death blamed on poison gas.”

Bill Murray dives into a dumpster pool.

Finally, a finger in a butt crack sparks a knife fight.


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