Meet Tennessee gubernatorial candidates Basil Marceaux and James Reesor

I’m Basil Marceaux dot com, the Republican candidate for governor. I’d like to recall all permits and registrations for guns. Everyone carries guns. If you kill someone though, you get murdered, you go to jail. And uh, I’d like to put—plant grass or vegetation across the state on any vacant lot and sell it for gas so we can use it for our expenses. Also I’m going to remove all gold fringe flags from the state and apply the real flag with three stripes. I also want to stop traffic stops. Set it up like the Supreme Court ruled in Knowles v. Iowa — can’t find an innocent car, you can’t look. I want you all to vote for Basil Marceaux. I want you to say a pledge of allegiance to a republic in the morning when you come out, and we all pray to God and say Amen, and everyone have a nice day, and I’ll see you all at the polls. Thank you, have a nice day.

The good news is from his website:

VOTE FOR ME AND IF I WIN I WILL IMMUNE YOU FROM ALL STATE CRIMES FOR THE REST OF YOU LIFE! (Except violating a citizen rights this would be a special punishment ) Making Tennessee the first state in the United States to actually listen to the U.S.and state Constitution ,and all cities charters

But, seriously, though, if you want to see some real, honest-to-God crazy, check out James Reesor and his AmeriJericho.

Shaping up to be a hell of a campaign season in Tennessee.

UPDATE: Basil Marceaux finally now has an official campaign ad!


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