Morning Constitutional – Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Good morning, folks. Amanda Bynes is apparently not so retired after all. Now, your morning constitutional:

BP posted a loss of $16.9B for the three months from April to June, the largest ever for a British company. Meanwhile, CEO Tony Hayward is resigning and will be replaced by Robert Dudley, the executive who led the spill response. Dudley will be the first American to run the company.

During a trip to Turkey, British PM David Cameron said Turkey must join the European Union. He also said that the Israeli blockade has turned Gaza into a “prison camp.”

Despite a International Court of Justice ruling that Kosovo’s independence was legal, Serbia has passed a resolution vowing to never recognize it as an independent state.

Boom in yard sales as many prepare to leave Arizona ahead of immigration crackdown beginning Thursday.

Who is behind the 25,000 deaths in Mexico?

Tennessee Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey, a Republican running for governor, caught questioning if Islam is, in fact, a religion.

Republican California gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman shockingly has no desire to run for president.

Is the echo chamber ruining social media?

Labor force realignment and jobless recoveries.

Not the Pentagon Papers: No one who’s been paying attention should be surprised by the WikiLeaks documents about the war in Afghanistan.

The heart-breaking story of the guy who invented the vuvuzela.

Some 8-bit city maps.

Finally, in a cost-cutting measure, the government has deployed a herd of goats to clear brush.


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