Candidate caught stealing opponent's campaign signs

Sure, it’s just a Florida state house race, but it’s still pretty funny.The video above shows District 1 candidate Greg Brown and his wife removing opponent Doug Broxon’s campaign signs. Brown and Broxon are running against each other in the August 24 Republican primary

And, of course, there’s some pretty hilarious justification as well. From the Pensacola News Journal*:

When contacted by phone Monday afternoon, Greg Brown said he and his wife did nothing wrong by removing Broxson’s signs from property owned by a Brown campaign supporter.

He said he saw his opponent’s signs on a vacant lot owned by Don Dewrell, 69, of Holt after leaving a political rally in Jay on Saturday night. He said he and Dewrell previously agreed that he’d be the only District 1 candidate allowed to put signs on the property.

“I disposed of them,” he said. “Quite honestly, I may have put them in my own trash can at home. I am not completely sure.”

Greg Brown said the video surveillance by the Broxson campaign is dirty politics and amounted to trespassing on private property.

“It’s diverting from the issues,” Greg Brown said. “He has a promise on his website to run a clean campaign and only talk about the issues, and he is not doing such.”

Great logic: When my opponent points out my cheating, he’s running a dirty campaign. Shame on him for calling me out!

* Also funny, the name of the article: “All signs pointing to campaign shenanigans.”


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