Sharron Angle finally talks to reporters, runs away

You can imagine that reporters were delighted to finally get to cover a Sharron Angle press function. As we’ve noted before, she’s been pretty shy about talking to reporters at all (unless she can get some fund-raising coin out of it). Of course, this could be because she tends to say ridiculous things when put in front of anything that could record her. So, when she invited some reporters to a press function,  the last thing you’d picture happening is her avoiding the press, right? Well…

U.S. Senate candidate Sharron Angle invited local media to attend a press event in Reno Wednesday morning, but when members of the media tried to ask the candidate questions she didn’t answer.

At the event this morning Angle signed a pledge to repeal the estate tax-or “death tax”- if she’s elected, made a few brief statements and walked away with several members of the local media in tow.

News 4 Reporter Karen Griffin was one of the reporters trying to ask Angle questions and she actually ignored the questions, looked straight ahead and kept walking.

News 4 arrived at this morning’s event early to make sure we could talk with Angle. News 4 listened to the press conference and when it ended, Angle simply walked away.

A very interesting campaign strategy. But, I guess you go with what you have.


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