Approval ratings in perspective,Approve&phone=&ivr=InsiderAdvantage,PPP(D),SurveyUSA&internet=&mail=&smoothing=more&from_date=2009-11-01&to_date=&min_pct=35&max_pct=55&grid=&points=&trends=&lines=&colors=Disapprove-BF0014,000000,Undecided-68228B&e=1

Via Andrew Sullivan, who adds some necessary perspective:

Sans Rasmussen, as usual. At this point in his presidency, Ronald Reagan had 42 percent approval and was headed to a low of 37 percent. Clinton was at 42 percent, headed to a low of 39 percent. George W. Bush was at 76 percent approval. Truman was at 34 percent.

Seems second years, for most, are pretty brutal. Of course, which former president’s trajectory would you rather follow?


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