Alaska candidate for Senate Joe Miller thinks unemployment benefits are not "constitutionally authorized"

Joe Miller, a tea party-backed candidate running in the Republican primary against Lisa Murkowski is has some interesting things to say about Constitutional law. Not only does he not support extending unemployment benefits for those still unemployed after their benefits run out, he doesn’t think doing so is constitutional:

Tea Party-backed Senate candidate Joe Miller today added his voice to those who are critical of Democrats’ efforts to expand unemployment insurance, and went even further than most candidates in saying that federally backed compensation to the unemployed isn’t “constitutionally authorized.”

“The unemployment compensation benefits have gotten — first of all, it’s not constitutionally authorized,” Miller, R-Alaska, said on ABC/Washington Post’s “Top Line.” “I think that’s the first thing that’s gotta be looked at, so I do not favor their extension.”

How these folks can be so tone-deaf and yet competitive is appalling.


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