Morning Constitutional – Thursday, 15 July 2010

Good morning, folks. Landon Donovan is not having a love child. Now, your morning constitutional:

Financial regulation reform to be voted on in the Senate today and likely to pass. Former SEC Chair Harvey Pitt thinks it will create more problems than it solves. Paul Volcker gives it a “B.”

Why are some financial instruments called “exotic?”

BP has fixed an equipment problem on a new cap for the broken well in the Gulf and will move ahead with a test which could lead to stopping the oil spill.

Argentina approves same-sex marriage, making it the first Latin American country to do so.

Congressional Democrats look to forgo a budget and instead look to pass an enforcement resolution, a move that would prevent them from using the budget reconciliation process in the near future.

For their 40th anniversary, Smithsonian offers 40 things you need to know about the next 40 years.

A 200-year-old ship has been dug up under the World Trade Center site.

Looks like Piers Morgan, a judge on “America’s Got Talent,” may replace Larry King on CNN.

A map of the Amtrack system as a subway map.

Lady Gaga plays the white piano John Lennon gave to Yoko Ono. Beatles fans get pissed.

Finally, Chili’s will offer free chips and salsa for any customers who check-in at their restaurant on Foursquare.

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