Justice Ginsburg on Roe and more

I would have loved to have heard Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg in person when she spoke recently at the Aspen Ideas Festival, but I’ll have to content myself with reading excerpts from the conversation she had with Jeffrey Rosen.  Justice Ginsburg, who was introduced by former Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, described herself as a “flaming feminist” and talked eloquently about the economic realities of abortion rights, among other subjects.  (Quotes courtesy of these two articles on the event)

~On her husband Marty, who recently passed away after 56 years of marriage:

He “was the first boy I ever met who cared that I had a brain.”

~On presumptive third-woman-on-the-court Elena Kagan:

“I’m so glad that Elena is joining us.”

~On Roe v. Wade:

“We will never go back to the way it once was… It wasn’t all that controversial. It was a 7 to 2 decision with only two dissenters.”

~On what would happen if Roe were overturned:

“there won’t be any real change for anyone in this audience or any daughters of anyone in this audience…The only women who would be truly affected are poor women. Because even at the time before Roe, women who wanted abortions could have a safe, legal abortion…Women could travel from one state to another and didn’t have to go to Japan or Cuba…Whatever the court may do, it’s only the poor women who will suffer. When people realize that, maybe they will have a different attitude.”

~On being on the Court:

“Of all the places I’ve worked, all the faculties I’ve been a member of, there is no workplace that I found more collegial than the U.S. Supreme Court. We are, in a real sense, a family. And no matter how strongly we disagree one important questions—and we do—we genuinely respect and like and care about each other.”


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