What? Even more Summer Jams?

Hell yes, time for some more Summer-time Jamz! It’s nearly the weekend of Fourth of Freakin’ July, which I think might be the deadline for any song to make the cut. With fireworks, road trips, house parties and BBQs, it’s peak Summer Jam season. First, I’m giving you the new single from M.I.A., which has been stuck in my head since I investigated it yesterday. It’s damned catchy. Her last video, for “Born Free,” was a bit too…well, much. This little electro-pop number is way lighter, and I’m sure is going to see some play on radios and dance halls all over. (Although, if Paper Planes is any guide, it won’t catch on hugely until next year.) The YouTube page claims this is the video, but it’s not really a video. Unless it’s some kind of post-modern statement on how nobody cares about videos anymore. That would be awesome.

And, finally, here’s some Big Boi. Only, it’s weird. I’m not sure what to think of it, which pretty much always means it’s going to blow up. Big Boi’s been having a sort-of career resurgence lately, what with a new record and all, and it’s just a matter of time before one of the songs on the new record hit it big. I just have a feeling it’s going to be this one, despite his record almost certainly having much better songs.

And, for completeness, here’s Big Boi’s last video for “Shutterbug,” which was dropped back in April. Note that the beat isn’t the hottest (hence why it doesn’t make the Summer Jamzzz list), but the rhyming is fucking. ridiculous.


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