Morning Constitutional – Thursday, 1 July 2010

Good morning, folks. The new Twilight movie broke some records for 12:01am shows. Now, your morning constitutional:

President Obama will push for comprehensive immigration reform today during a speech at American University in D.C.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel fights for survival after struggling to get her preferred presidential candidate, Christian Wulff, elected.

Turkish aid from a flotilla that attempted to break Israel’s blockade of Gaza but was attacked by Israel starts flowing into Gaza. Turkey is also holding its first high-level meeting with Israel since the flotilla incident.

For the third time, Republicans successfully filibustered a bill that would extend unemployment benefits for those who have been unemployed for very long stretches. As a result, more than 1.3 million laid-off workers whose benefits have run out will not see their benefits restored before Congress goes on a week-long vacation for Independence Day.

A law allowing Virginians with concealed weapons permits to carry guns inside bars and restaurants that serve alcohol goes into effect today.

With a new book on the way outlining a new Republican manifesto, Rep. Eric Cantor’s ambition is starting to raise some eyebrows.

Rand Paul claims to be moderate on the subject of farm subsidies.

Finland becomes the first country to guarantee broadband Internet as a right for its citizens.

Tea Party Jesus: Putting the words of conservative Christian political figures in the mouth of Jesus.

Historian claims to discover a secret musical code in Plato’s writings.

Finally, kids break out of juvenile detention facility, steal a train.


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