Sharron Angle and "God's Plan"

No wonder she’s trying to avoid the news-folk. Sharron Angle may have spouted some radically conservative ideas and convictions since becoming a candidate for Senate, but this has to take the cake:

In a segment that has gone unnoticed since it first aired, the Tea Party-backed candidate told the Bill Manders show — a favorable platform for Republican candidates — that she opposed abortion even in cases of rape and incest. A pregnancy under those circumstances, she said, was “God’s plan.”

Okay, sure, her opponent Harry Reid is pro-life as well, so maybe it doesn’t seem like such an issue. But, as you can see here, his stance is quite a bit more…nuanced. And, while not acceptable to most who actually defend women’s reproductive rights (or myself), is a hell of a lot better than his alternative. And don’t forget: Sharron Angle wants the government to force women to give birth and then ignore the child and mother once the baby’s born if they need help.


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