Morning Constitutional – Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Good morning, everybody. Jerry Seinfeld thinks Lady Gaga is a jerk. Now, your morning constitutional:

Gen. Stanley McChrystal’s fate, now unknown, will likely be determined today in his meeting with President Obama today. Some inside the White House may be suggesting he might be on his way out, which would not make Afghan leaders particularly happy. And how the debacle highlights, yet again, the split over Afghanistan between Gen. McChrystal and Vice President Biden. Regardless of what happens, the president is still stuck with the same counterinsurgency strategy in Afghanistan McChrystal put into place.

Shady: U.S. District Judge Martin Feldman, who struck down the administration’s six-month moratorium on offshore oil drilling, has extensive investments and connections to the oil industry.

Nikki Haley won the Republican primary to be the nominee for governor of South Carolina yesterday.

A farmer who affixed a sign to the side of his semi truck calling Democrats the “Party of Parasites” actually recieved more than $1M in farm subsidies since 1995.

Slate: Should universities collect and analyze students’ DNA?

Exemptions in DISCLOSE bill may wind up costing the bill its only Republican cosponsor.

Finally, a two-year-old who can’t read but can name any car.


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