(Yet) Even More Summer Jams (Rock and/or Roll Edition)

Back again with some more hot Summer Jamz for your summertime listening partytime. This time, we got some rock-and-or-roll tunes to share. They’re both really good. The first only because it has a real video. It’s from Against Me!, a Florida band known for its rougher punk-rock-ish roots that’s tightened its songwriting and production, thanks to producer Butch Vig. This is the first single off their new album “White Crosses,” called “I Was a Teenage Anarchist.” Maybe a little too heady and earnest for an official Summer Jam, but it sounds great.

And, the next is from the incredible Gaslight Anthem, with “Boxer,” the first single off their new album “American Slang.” You’re probably already familiar with these guys, who bring punk to Springsteen and never looked back. In all reality, this is definitely a track fitting to be blasted from the stereo of a ’72 Dodge Challenger while driving 70 down a deserted highway on a sunny day.


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