Morning Constitutional – Friday, June 18 2010

Good morning, everybody. The NBA has a new champion. Now, your morning constitutional:

The interim leader of Kyrgyzstan says that the toll of the recent ethnic violence could be as much as ten times worst than previously believed.

Democrats, while trying to restrict special interests, make loopholes for special interests.

Liberal Senators threaten to abandon energy legislation if it does not include a price on carbon.

Slate: Pick up just about any novel and you’ll find a throwaway reference to a dog, barking in the distance.

North Korea fans actually Chinese actors.

A Republican-led filibuster was successful yesterday in blocking a bill that would extend aid to unemployed and cash-strapped states.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is considering a plan to use dams to divert more water to the mouth of the Mississippi in order to block oil from the oil spill in the Gulf from penetrating Louisiana’s coastal wetlands.

Ronnie Lee Gardner was executed by firing squad after 25 years of being on death row. He is the first to be put to death by firing squad in 14 years.

Finally, a robot performs a wedding ceremony in Tokyo.


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